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Art Printing Studio

art scan - high resolution finE Art
We make a high-resolution scan of your artwork - on canvas, paper or any materials- on our state-of the art BetterLight High-Speed Digital Scanning Camera Systems with KinoFlo 4bank Lights. The large format digital scanning back for 4x5 camera is combined with Linhof(German manufacturer) camera body and lenses. BetterLight is highly respected in the professional fine art scanning industry over the world. The resolution of the scanning is 300 ppi.

Artwork Types
We scan any of two-dimensional artworks - acrylic painting, oil painting, pencil drawing, pastel painting, prints (e.g. poster, photographs etc).
Note: No varnished artwork is recommended. Varnished artwork might not be able to be scanned in good shape due to the lights glaring.

From Scanning To Printing
Our role is to help artists who may require some assistance with matching colours and/or retouching images.
Our job is not complete until the artist is satisfied with the final result and we will continually work towards
this goal until it is met. We are always committed to providing a quality service to the client.
We exist to provide artists with the very best experience.

Fine art scanning price
These are sample prices. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

up to 150 square inch
$ 30
e.g. 10 x 15 or less
12 x 16
$ 35
16 x 20
$ 47
20 x 20
$ 57
30 x 20
$ 82
24 x 36
$ 110
36 x 48
$ 170
any other sizes
please ask us
• The price is based on 100% scale scan @ 300 ppi
• The scanning includes high level colour correction on screen and cleaning up (image edge side trimming)
• Smaller scale (e.g. 50% scale of the original size) scanning is available for the big artwork (e.g. 40 x 60 inch) : 30% discount will be applied.
• Discount available for multiple scans
• The price might be changed before updating this page.
Film scanning
We scan film from 35mm slides, 4x5 and 8 x 10 transparencies, or colour and B/W negatives on our Epson Perfecton 750.

Film type / Quantity
2 - 10
bulk scan
35 mm slide, Nagative
$ 20
$ 10 per film
ask us
4 x 5
$ 20
$ 10 per film
ask us
8 x 10
$ 20
$ 10 per film
ask us
other not regular size
$ 20
$ 10 per film
ask us




* Default resolution of slide film and negative film is 1200 ppi (or printing size: 5 x 7)