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Art Printing Studio

Framing, Resin Coating, mounting, Acrylic, metal printing
in-house work

We use our utilities to do everything including cutting, joining and finishing. Hence, we are able to work with any custom size frame and can finish quickly, reducing the cost. We offer big discount for most frames.

custom framing
We have many choices from quality frames. Our framing materials are supplied mostly from Larson.Juhl and Omega Moulding Inc. which are well-known companies in framing industry of North America. Our professional staff is happy to work with you to help you make the right selection.

Epoxy resin coating
We now offer epoxy resin coating for all types of artwork. The coating offers a clear gloss as well as a superior surface. The process includes printing on a canvas/paper stock and mounting onto a board box. Two types of the depth are available - 1-1/2 inch or 3/4 inch.

We mount onto a variety of substrates including, Foamcore, Gatorfoam, Mighty Core, etc.

canvas stretching
If you have a rolled cavnas artwork or a canvas print and were looking for a place to frame it, we are the right place to do the work.
The rolled cavnas can be framed by using appropriate stretcher bars (hidden frame).
After being stretched, the canvas can be framed again depending upon customer's choice.

Acrylic printing
Photos and images printed onto acrylic have a particularly bright and sleek finish and are ideal for highlighting details.
Prints on acrylic make colours especially pop and come to life, provided the customer’s image resolution is adequate. They offer vivid enhancement for all kinds of images!
• Printed on 1/8 in. acrylic panel
• Backed with solid, durable board for durability and protection against moisture and handling
• Clear sheen finish to refract light for a seamless edge-to-edge image
• Optically-pure acrylic
• Frameless floatmount on back

Metal printing - Aluminium
• Printed on 1/8 in. brushed silver aluminum
• Rich, iridescent sheen
• Note: no recommended for a colourful artwork.
• Backed with solid, durable board for durability and protection against moisture and handling
• Frameless floatmount on back