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Artists - Painter and Photographer

Art Printing Studio has been serving various types of professional artists including painter, photographer and designer for many years. This page is for introducing some of them. If you are interested in any artwork or have any question please contact the artist directly by using provided information.
Art Printing Studio does not have any contract with them and this page is just for showing the visitors another artists in Canada.

Artists - random order
Sandra Robson (Fine art - Impressionism) - http://www.sandrarobson-artist.com
Jennifer Karson (Fine art - Impressionism - Nature) -http://www.jennykastner.com
Mike Desjardins (Fine art - War related - Aircraft)
Lora Kakaletris (Photographer - Water and Human related) - http://mooreimages.ca
Cathy Lorraway (Fine art - Impressionism - Pastel, Oil, Acrylic) - http://www.cathylorrawayart.com
Julia Mori (Fine art - Impressionism - Various subjects) - http://www.juliamori.com
Luigia Zilli (Fine art - Bycle related) - http://www.bicycleart.ca
Lynn Clark (Fine art - Nature)
Jackie Gallagher (Fine art - Impressionism -- Nature) - http://jackiegallagher-artwork.com
Eveline Marron (Fine art -Impressionism - Nature)
Jane Shaw (Fine art - Impressionism - Still life)

Joe Badaro (Fine art - Abstract Expressionism)
Lucien Delean (Photographer) - http://www.deleanphotography.com
Luigi Biancaniello (Fine art - Various ) - http://www.artwanted.com/artist.cfm?artid=63601
Dayna Langlois (Calligrapher, Designer
- Contempary quotes) - https://www.etsy.com/shop/daynaleecollection
Donald Macmillan (Marine Artist - pencil drawing)
Ken Bowes (Pencil drawing - Train related) - https://www.etsy.com/ca/people/kenbowes
Janine Daponte (Photographer - Baby and wedding etc) - http://www.janinedapontephotography.com
Johan Gorter (Fine art - Classicism - Religious subject included)
Brooke O'connel (Fine art - Impressionism - Watercolour)
Phllip (Pencil drawing - Portrait)
Geoff Maxwell (Photographer - Nature)
Sophie Trecroce (Student photographer)
Mariel Clayton (Photographer - Mature doll - Adult content) - http://www.thephotographymarielclayton.com